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Good Website Guide has been created out of frustration. My frustration at meeting so many clients who were ripped off by big digital advertising agencies. Frustrated at meeting good people who were promised quality and paid a ton of money, but they didn’t get what they paid for. They didn’t get a good website. Not even a good looking website, let alone a website that worked well, generated traffic or brought new customers! These people spent their own time to work with programmers and ended up with not a lot to be happy about. I get frustrated when people tell me stories like that.

And I know plenty of people who used do-it-yourself website building services. Each one proudly claims their software is so ‘easy’ to use. Guess what. Not easy. In fact, it is frustrating for so many of you because you want things to just work. You often struggle to set up basic things in so called easy-to-use DIY website builders. And most people I meet with a website don’t have any idea how to really make that website work for them.

I’m not a programmer

I’ve been building websites since 2000 when the Internet was still young and when no one was really using mobile phones to browse the Internet.

I’ve worked on massive Government website projects as the user experience expert (Department of Communities, Department of Health and the Department of Liquor Gaming and Racing)

I provided business analysis and project management services to RAC Insurance, St. John Ambulance, and Liquor Barons, just to name a few.